Everything starts with you.

When you love yourself, your love will overflow into others. When you take care  of yourself, you naturally start to take care of everything around you. When you glow, the earth will glow.  Everything you do is an extension of the love you have for yourself. How you act is how worthy you feel. 

Self-love is the spark in the revolution.


The system will do everything it can to stop you from seeing one monumental truth: you are complete. you are powerful. You are more important than you have ever been taught to believe. They make you feel small because they don’t want you to know how capable you really are.


We are the answer. What we do every day matters. We aren’t alone and we are more than enough. When we start to believe, we start to see the change in ourselves and the world around us.


Years of so many industries and institutions telling us that we are inadequate. The fashion industry wanting us to buy into a world that we aren’t represented in. The food industry giving us food that blocks off our senses. An education system that teaches us everything but how to thrive in the world. Never taught us how to love, but only showed us the absence of love.


We are the leaders of the new generation. We can use art to empower. We can use food to heal and grow.
We can use education to develop knowledge of self and promote love.

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You never needed permission. You never needed any validation. You have everything you need. You can do this all on your own, I promise.